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Recommended Reads: The Uninvited

Recommended Reads: The Uninvited

The uninvitedI just finished reading this while on holiday, and thought it best to write a review while it’s still fresh in my mind. But it was quite a thought provoking novel, one which I will be thinking about for a while yet, and not one that will slip from the memory relatively quickly.

Firstly, the negatives. Well, there is only one, but it’s quite a big one. The blurb on the back of this book is quite…

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Book Club: The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Book Club: The Invention of Hugo Cabret

The_Invention_of_Hugo_CabretThis Book Club post is a little late, because I was trying to get hold of a copy of the book. It was that rare occasion on which I hadn’t read this month’s title, though not for lack of trying. Normally I would order the book on my e-reader, but with this one, I knew that wouldn’t be an option. I tried the library, but it was permanently on loan. So I settled on the idea that I had seen the film…

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Disappointing books

Wild Sheep ChaseHave you ever read a book that you had such high expectations for, but that ended up really disappointing you? I finally finished this book last night, after starting it around three months ago – considering it’s only 300 pages, I should have finished it weeks ago. But I put it down at around page 200 and had to force myself to pick it up again, having read two other books in the interim.

I love…

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Bought 3 “new” #books. Haven’t got any shelf space for them. I’m also supposed to be downsizing, not buying more. Might need some shelf reorganisation…

Bought 3 “new” #books. Haven’t got any shelf space for them. I’m also supposed to be downsizing, not buying more. Might need some shelf reorganisation…

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What to write next?

What to write next?

InspirationIs there such a thing as too much inspiration? I have found so many interesting articles lately; so many talking points and discussions, as well as notes on my own work and a plethora of books I want to recommend, I hardly know where to start. Which one to blog about first?

This “problem” also applies to my fiction writing – so many ideas, so little time. Which ones deserve my most care and…

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Long fiction is wonderful and you can lose yourself in it as a reader and as a writer, but short stories don’t allow the same kind of immersion. Often the best stories hold you back and make you witness them. This may be one of the reasons some people reject the form. That and the fact that they are harder work to read. A story will not let you get comfortable and settle in. It is like a stool that is so small that you must always be aware of sitting.
Isobelle Carmody (via writingquotes)

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What is a literary blog?

What is a literary blog?

Computer_keyboardPart of my blogging life involves signposting readers to interested posts from other blogs, or news articles, commentaries and critiques. I like doing this – I like searching the internet for these nuggets of useful and/or interesting information. There is so much out there, and not everyone has the time to read it all (in fact O doubt if anyone has the time to read it all). This cycle of mutual…

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